3 songs that will touch your heart

When I experience the emotions of a song along with the performer, that song becomes beautiful to me. Also, a beautiful song to me is almost always a sad one. Those are the ones that can really move your heart to another level. Upbeat songs are fantastic and they can certainly raise your emotional state, but the sad songs that touch you become inexpressibly memorable. That’s what makes them byoutiful.

[…a beautiful song to me is almost always a sad one.]

Below are three very emotional tracks that truly touch my heart. Please enjoy.

Dile al Amor, Aventura

Okay, time to get out the Kleenex. This song is another very seductive treat for the ears, but the lyrics are enough to make you cry. The song is sung by Aventura, an all-male Bachata group born out of The Bronx, NY. (Much to the chagrin of its fans, the band broke up in 2011.) Bachata is a sexy, intimate dance style from the Dominican Republic, and the sounds of Bachata are often very deep and soulful.

So, tell love not to touch my door/
Since I’m not at home/
Tell love not to come back tomorrow/
My heart already missed its chances

—AVENTURA, Dile al Amor

The song is about a young man who essentially never wants to be in love again, so he is telling love (and Cupid) to stop knocking on his door. I chose this song as much for the video as for the lyrics and the music; the video very artfully conveys the exquisite pain our young hero is experiencing.

For me, the guitar in the background is absolutely the best thing about this song. As it starts playing at 0:16, those chords are enough to make me melt. If a guitar’s heart were breaking, that’s what it would sound like.

English translation here.

La Belle et la Bad Boy, MC Solaar

MC Solaar is a French hip hop and rap artist who is known for the complexity of his lyrics. The song is about two young lovers: An innocent girl and the edgy rebel she falls in love with. They have big dreams, but the boy is deeply buried in a world of crime. The end of the song describes the young girl being shot to death.

You may recognize the song from the last episode of Sex and the City. “La Belle et la Bad Boy” plays in the background as Carrie runs through Paris, unaware that Mr. Big is simultaneously scouring the streets for her. The symbolism here is obvious—all of us SATC fans were still leery of Mr. Big in the end, and we didn’t want Carrie to get hurt if she ended up with him.

When she falls, tears [drop from] his eyes. —MC SOLAAR, La Belle et la Bad Boy

I think what I love most about this song is the acoustics. Even though the song is about darkness and danger, the sounds in the background are almost twinkly, sparkly. They seem to represent and honor the innocence of the young girl being described.

You can find the English translation to the lyrics here.

As Long As You Love Me, Justin Bieber

I saved the cinematographic genius for last. I became a Justin Bieber fan not too long ago, when I found out how much he does for charity. But I have to say, it’s still a little embarrassing to post this video on here! After all, I’m almost 30 years old—hardly tweeny bopper age, or whatever the kids are calling it these days.

Sheepishness aside, I chose this song not so much for the lyrics, but for the music video and the impressively expressive vocals. The quality of this video is just mind-blowingly phenomenal. I cannot get over how gorgeous it is. (I do have a film background too, if being a film minor in college counts.) The colors, the angles, the choreography, the lighting… This video is visually stunning. I just can’t watch it enough. It was directed by artistically brilliant Anthony Mandler, who will most certainly be the subject of a future post.

You really have to applaud the masterminds behind this video—they know how to wrench your heart. When Bieber’s face bleeds as he belts “please don’t go,” when he decides not to strike back at his girlfiend’s father and he can’t even rise from the ground at the end, your heart is just aching for his character. Very cleverly done.

On that note, please share your thoughts. I’d welcome links to other core-shaking songs as well.

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