You green the world to me

…she saw his eyes still on her—those disquieting eyes with their dim green undertint. Sexy eyes. —STEPHEN KING, Rose Madder

I am absolutely in love with the color green. Green is nature, green is fertility, green is tranquility and peace. Green can symbolize many intangibles, ranging from wealth and prosperity to power, greed and envy to confidence and intelligence. Green can be elegant, luxurious. It can impart a delicate quality. Or it can indicate danger.

As a side note, I recently bathed my living room in the pale avocado paint color by Benjamin Moore and I love-ity love love it. It’s so chill and refreshing, like the little veins on a leaf when the sun is shining straight through.

Since winter never seems to want to end (yes, it’s actually snowing outside as I type), I decided to put together a little tribute to the color green. Here’s to you, green! Miss ya, love ya, wish you were here…

Model veiled in green

SEEING GREEN. Photographer unknown.

Poison arrow frog

IT’S NOT EASY. Photo by Geoff Gallice, ggalice on flickr.

Sun shining through canopy

UP A TREE. Photographer unknown.

Architectural Digest green room

GREEN ROOM. From “20 Inspiring Green Rooms,” Architectural Digest.


GAZING INTO GREEN. Photo by Daniela-Jessica Paw,

Leaves spell love

LOVE ME OR LEAF ME. Photographer unknown.

Green street


SEEING STRIPES. Aerial photography by Steve Bloom.

Vogue 1961


Anne Geddes

NAPPING IN THE BUD. Photo by Anne Geddes.

Z!nk backstage

BLACK, WHITE AND GREEN ALL OVER. Backstage at a photoshoot for Z!NK.


GARDEN VARIETY. Photographer unknown.

Green bird

THE GREEN FLIGHT. Photographer unknown.

Green eye

GREEN-EYED MONSTER? Photo by odeiosushi on Fotolog.

Vanity Fair

POLITICAL PIGMENT. Vanity Fair Green Issue, 2007.

Flowing dress

CLASSY COLOR. Photo by Elizabeth Monson, ebmonson86 on Photobucket.

Uma Thurman as Poison Ivy

MEAN, GREEN POISON MACHINE. Uma Thurman as Poison Ivy in Batman & Robin (1997).

You make my soul smile

SWEET GREENS. Unknown artist.

Is green as dear to your heart as it is to mine? Please let me know!

Byoutiful to you? Comment!

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