What is byoutiful?

Hello and welcome to The Byoutiful Blog!

I am creating this blog because I am obsessed with beauty. That may sound superficial at first, but I’m not simply talking about judge-a-book-by-its-cover, tanned/toned Russian supermodel beauty. Don’t get me wrong, I’m definitely the person who chooses the prettiest shampoo bottle – but the point of this blog is not just to showcase aesthetics.

What is the point of beauty, really? And what constitutes beautiful? People covet beautiful things because of a feeling they awaken within us. This is a force that can drive us to enter or exit relationships, make purchases, relocate, choose a career, embark on a hobby, commit to an exercise regime… engage in any and every aspect of life.

[This blog is about creating a site that will truly inspire and move you – a place where you can always come to feel good.]

My aim is to make this blog a place to share and discuss beautiful photos, people, concepts, thoughts, art, clothes, animals, websites, food…everything. And to use each post as a springboard—if you agree that what I’ve posted is beautiful, what exactly about it takes your breath away? Does it inspire you? Affect you? Will you buy a new dress because of it? Rearrange your living room? Decide to take up dance, or maybe climb up to your rooftop tonight to marvel over the stars? Start a company or run a marathon? Just thinking about unraveling these threads is giving me a tingle.

Beauty always has been and always will be a huge influence on our society. This blog is about creating a site that will truly inspire and move you—a place where you can always come to feel good. It’s also about deconstructing what makes something beautiful—to you. In other words, what makes it byoutiful?

Postings are coming from yours truly—I’m a 28-year-old veterinarian living in Manhattan. You’ll learn more about me as we go along.

Thanks for reading. Here we go!

Byoutiful to you? Comment!

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